April 27, 2020

    Git Hooks are an interesting way to customize your daily git workflow. They can allow you to trigger on specific events (before and after) common tasks such as: committing (via ‘pre-commit’) and pushing (via ‘pre-push’). Specific examples of how to run these each are located in your .

    September 21, 2018

    This is a short recounting of my first year as a software developer working on conflation for Bing Maps at Microsoft. Much of this will most likely be common knowledge to senior developers, but I wanted to share my personal views and provide a reference for some colleagues who will be entering the workforce soon.

    Gravitational microlensing is the influence of a stellar body on the light from a further visible body. This phenomena can be used to discover small exoplanets orbiting around a stellar body that passes in front of another visible light source. These small planets are in the range of a Super-Earth: 15-17 Earth masses.

    December 11, 2016

    A simple commandline tool to provide auto suggestions via Bing Autosuggest API. The Github if you would like to try it out! Inspiration I found something similar the other day on HackerNews, but it used Google's auto-complete API. Since I will be joining the Bing team soon, I decided to see if Bing has an open API that can do the same thing.

    When I first thought up the idea for echo, I proposed it to a good friend of mine. He cautioned me, mentioning that, “it could be used for good or for evil.” He wasn't wrong.. Echo is just your average irc connected chat bot hooked up to the ever growing Twitch.

    A new idea or project always seems to come to mind, sometimes during the middle of another project. The new idea or concept in my mind always forces me to follow a set of stages to understand or flesh out the idea.

    Research papers provide a wonderful data set to work with as they provide a diverse set of terms and complex abstraction of common knowledge. I was interested in trying to relate a large set of research papers by their concepts as an easy form of tagging/indexing.

    Situation A small robot needs to travel down a pipeline around 18 inches in diameter. It will be powered by battery alone and cannot be communicated once within the pipe. My task is to construct a method to allow it to travel down the pipe in a straight line.